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May 2022 

The band has just completed a highly successful week performing  in Brassed Off with the Kirby Muxloe Players  to a sell out audience.  The band have received a lot of positive praise and feedback.

It was a fabulous experience for the band, who all greatly enjoyed it.  We would like to thank all the guest players who came to help out across the 4 nights. To find out more please check out our social media feed .

Brassed off was also the final performance with the band for our Principle Euphonium player and Band Manager Julie and her daughter Lauren, our sop player. Both have a long history with the band and will be greatly missed.  We wish them both well for the future. 

The Dunger/Lewis story….

It all started with my 8 year old daughter Evelin who had expressed an

interest in playing music.  Evelin was in a class at Primary School with a

friend who had started learning how to play a cornet with Croft Silver

Band.  Her Grandad, Brian, decided to take her along to a have a look and

listen at one of the Junior rehearsals and they came home with a Cornet. 

Evelin it seemed was a natural taking to the cornet straight away, her

ability becoming apparent as soon as she started to play.  She found

reading music very easy, as it is in the youthful years.  She soon joined

the Junior Band and was asked to play principle cornet after a few years.  I remember being so proud of her.  Soon after she was asked to play on back row for the Senior Band by our MD Ian Needham.  She was asked to play with the band in her first Senior Band contest, the band achieving second place, she looked so small but so comfortable with the band.  There was no stopping her now.  Music became a major part of her life.  Evelin was then asked if she would like to play Sop in the Senior Band which she agreed to do and her talents had no bounds, she took to the Sop like a duck to water.  After a successful few years playing Sop for Croft Evelin decided to move to another band, Melton Band, a band that was very familiar to Croft, having some of the ex-Croft players, including the MD Graham Sutton, who also conducted and played for Croft in the past.  Again after a successful few years playing Sop for Melton Evelin decided it was time to move to Kibworth Band (1st section) and was invited to play flugel horn for them.  Evelin is still there at present and waiting for her chance to shine again once this retched COVID has gone.

Brian’s story….

                                         Brian is one of our senior members of the band.  Brian is Evelin’s                                             grandad and decided to give it a go after taking Evelin to a few                                                 practices when she first started.  Brian started with the Junior                                                   Band, although very much senior, playing flugel horn.  Brian was                                             asked to have a go at the E Bass a much larger instrument and                                                 continued with the Junior Band.  Brian too then was also invited                                               to play with the Senior Band on E Bass.  Evelin, Brian and Henry                                             enjoyed success with the Senior Band and enjoyed playing in the                                             same band.  Brian is still with us now playing E Bass and is also                                             our instrument manager.  He really enjoys being part of the band                                             and is part of our committee.  He has been a fantastic supporter of                                           the band taking on tasks, projects and management of our instruments.  Brian will support anyone in the band and is a great ambassador for the band.  Go Brian!!

Henry’s story…

Henry is Evelin’s sister and started playing with the Junior Band not

long after Brian decided to start.  He too like his sister took to playing

like a duck to water.  His music ability becoming more apparent as he

continued to progress into the Junior Band and then into the Senior

Band.  Henry started playing euphonium and went on to be an expert

on the E Bass.  His talent extended to the B Bass as well.  Like his

sister he enjoyed success with the Senior Band but again decided to

join The Melton Band, like his sister and along with his girlfriend

Anne, who is a fabulous cornet player..  He is still playing with them

now but has had success playing regularly as a guest player for 1st

Section and Championship Bands. Henry has also started to compose

is own music and his pieces have been well received at their concerts. Good luck Henry…

Katrina’s story…

                                          Of course I was going to start playing, couldn’t let them take all                                                the limelight.  I started in the Junior Band on horn and was then                                              asked to have a go at Baritone.  Oh my goodness I had to work                                                  hard, lots of practice paid off and I was asked to play for the                                                      Senior Band on 2nd Baritone.  It was very hard at first but things                                              improved and I became a better player with lots of practice and                                                help and encouragement from Henry, Evelin and my dad.  They                                              were all great teachers although a little tough.  I now play 1st                                                    horn for Croft.  I am not a great player and still lack a bit of                                                      confidence but playing along with my children and my dad has                                                been great and has made me very proud to be part of a band. 

Moral of the story….

You are never too young or old to start playing an instrument and it can be a fabulous feeling to play with a group of players or family in a band and achieve success.  So come on get over to one of our rehearsals and have a go, what have you got to lose…

Katrina Dunger


Oh my goodness what a year we have had so far.  It all started in March with the dreaded COVID-19.  First the warning, then the lockdown, then the cancellations and then that was it no more rehearsals.  It has been a tough year for the band not only financially but also mentally and emotionally. We have however been busy putting a new band storage room up at Huncote School.  This is a great achievement for us as we have been moved from pillar to post and are now settled at Huncote School with our new storage facility.  We had a great team putting together the garage and ensuring its’ security and would like to extend the bands thanks to Rhys, our project manager and all that helped with the garage construction.  Our library has now been moved into the garage thanks to the efforts of Elaine and Gaz.  We are now in the position to offer our Risk Assessment to the school, courtesy of Sue, and hope to be back their soon


AGM 2020

Due to the COVID-19 we were forced to hold our AGM as a Zoom Meeting in September.  We would like to thank all that attended the meeting to enable us to elect a new committee for the forthcoming year. We would like to say thank you to Alan Wheelhouse who stood as our former Chairman and Emily Wheelhouse who stood as former Librarian.  A special mention has to go to a former Vice President, Brian Whittaker, who sadly passed away.

          President – Colin Ball

          Vice Presidents – Mick Brunt and Henry Dunger

          Chairman – Rhys Cowsill

          Treasurer – Gina Needham

          Secretary – Katrina Dunger

          Band Manager – Julie Brunt

          Librarian – Elaine Morgan

          Assistant Librarian – Lauren Brunt

          Welfare Officer – Emily Bromley

          COVID-19 Coordinator – Sue Williamson (non-committee)

          Instrument Manager – Brian Lewis

          Media Coordinator – Julie Brunt

          Fund Raiser – Rhys Cowsill

          Sub-committee members – Melissa Rowsell, Emily Wheelhouse


















Brass players
A man playing a E flat Bass
band members
















Sad News

Croft Silver Band's rehearsal room has been located in the village of Croft for over 100 years, first being at Croft Quarry and then moving to Croft School. We have had great success in our band winning many trophies and awards and we have had many players come through our doors who have progressed onto higher section bands. Our MD Ned is very proud of the band that we have at the moment having just won 4th place in the Leicester Contest and qualifying for the Brass Band Finals two years ago at Cheltenham. Unfortunately for the band the Croft School have claimed their space back, i.e. our storage, therefore making it impossible for us to rehearse without our equipment being on site. We are very grateful to the School for the time they allowed us to be there but very saddened that we have had to relocate. We have however found another venue at Huncote School in the next village who have kindly offered us a storage room and a room to practice as of the 6th January 2020. It is with regret that the band leave Croft as this is the birthplace of the band, but hopefully with us being just down the road the band can continue to go from strength to strength. We are still looking for sponsorship out there and it would be great if we could get the extra funding needed to either have our own band room once again or use this sponsorship towards the hire of premises.

Katrina Dunger









Humberstone Village Hall Concert


Dear Ian and Gina.

                                Once again I right to convey our absolute pleasure at the musical fare served up on our Band Night at Humberstone Hall.  Music again played with skill and passion and it delighted everyone present as underlined by the total standing ovation you received at the finale.
              Particular thanks go to the three Lady solo artistes, Gina, Julie, and Evelyn. who made a superb contribution to the evenings enjoyment.
            Also thanks to your guest players, swelling the numbers and adding to the pleasure of the proceedings.

  Special thanks must go to you Ian, for pulling the whole performance together with consummate skill and expertise, I enjoyed watching you work.

  We would like to welcome you back next year.

Kind regards.

John and Julie

October 2019 - Players Required

          Musical Director - Ian Needham (Ned)

            Congratulations if you've just got your 'A' Level results and are heading towards De Montfort University. If you play a brass instrument or percussion then Croft Silver Band would like to hear from you.

             We have vacancies for back row cornet and percussion players. Players of other instrumentsare also welcome. The band currently compete in the Midlands 4th Section and rehearse at Croft C of E Primary School on Mondays and Thursdays from 8pm.

            We are a friendly ambitious and social band with a balanced range of concerts and contests throughout the year. we encourage progression, unity and respect. If you have any of these traits and can contribute to a motivated band then please contact, Allan Wheelhouse, Chairman on 07739985745 or email the band secretary,











      The band would like to welcome 3 new players to the band who have joined recently. They are Rhys on Bass Trombone, David and Alistair who have both joined on Euphonium.  We are looking forward to working with our new signings, helping us go from strength to strength.




10th March 2019 -  Area Contest

Even though the band played well at the contest they came a creditable 10th place out of 21 bands on the programme. Congratulations to Ratby Mid Band, Melton Band and Shipston Band who all qualified to the National Finals at Cheltenham in September.

7th March 2019 - Well done Lauren Brunt on passing your driving test today.

22nd November 2018 - Congratulations to Emily Wheelhouse on passing        

your driving test today 


18th November 2018 - LBBA Contest - The band had an early start today with a rehearsal at Thorpe Acre Scout Hall at 8.30am. After rehearsal we all went to the contest that was held at the Loughborough Endowed Schools. There were 10 bands entered into the fourth section and Croft were drawn to play number 8. We found that one band had withdrawn but there were still 8 other bands to compete against. The results were as follows:

          1st     197 points      Whitwell Brass

          2nd    196 points      CROFT SILVER BAND

          3rd    193 points      Ratby Mid Band














From the Chairman - Allan Wheelhouse



Since joining the band earlier this year I have taken the position of Band Chairman. I am pleased to help Croft Band in anyway I can and try my best to do this. Earlier this year at the area contest the band finished 3rd out of 20 bands in the forth section. This gave the band qualification for the National Finals at Cheltenham. This meant a lot of hard work leading up to the contest and also a good strong committee behind the band to organise  fund raising and practices before the contest. This was all managed very well by the committee. The band preformed extremely well at the national finals and finished 11th out of 18 entrants and also finishing higher than the band placed 2nd at the area contest earlier in the year. I know that in previous years the band had problems with the closure of their practice room at the quarry in Croft but has managed to settle down now still in Croft village at the primary school and will hopefully start to thrive again in the years to come with help from myself and the committee. I am extremely proud to be the chairman of croft band and look forward to a long future with the band.

Preparing for the Finals

History of the band - Colin Ball - President



picture of Former President of the Band Colin Ball
Presenting Larry to Doreen
Compering with Larry Grayson
text panel about Colin

Heading 1

Euphoniums and Baritones




Back Row


Trombone Secton

IMG_1276 (1).JPG


Brass Band Brassed Off!

Croft Silver Band, based in southern Leicestershire, has recently qualified for the National Brass Band Championships in Cheltenham. Now in a brassed off like fashion they are making their own trip south, not to London but, to Cheltenham.

The Croft Silver Band, just over a year ago underwent a big transformation for them having to move from their original base, of numerous years, to a new facility within the village school. However, this appears to have been a fantastic move for the band which has since gone from strength to strength. Their most recent triumph has been their 3rd place at the Midlands area brass band championships which now means they qualify for the National Brass Band Finals.

Band Chairman Allan Wheelhouse said: “We’d enjoyed a close relationship to the village quarry for years and we now hope to continue this with the school. Our recent success means that we are in need of some further support because of the costs involved with getting the band to Cheltenham. With being a small village organisation we do not have the large funds needed to take the band to Cheltenham, so we are appealing to you all via Just Giving to help make this possible.”

The band currently plays at many events and fetes in and around the county including annual visits to Melton and Humberstone Parks, The Cosby Air Show and the Croft Remembrance Day Parade. The band is now looking to add to this line-up and want to be as busy as possible through the summer so if you have any ideas to help the band out please do contact them by email:

Band Manager Gina Needham added: “We are such a great part of the local heritage and now we want to take ourselves to the National stage and become a National success. So we hope everyone has lots of event which the band can attend in the coming months”

The band is made up of around 25 musicians whom each of which will help the band go to the National finals but we are also asking for your help to raise the £2,500 to get the band to the finals and recognised nationally, so let’s help put the band on the map!

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